About clove

CLOVE (We Command Love) evolved from an idea that I've had for over a decade. In 2006, I renamed my freelance design business [from twentyfree to] Design Equals Love. I wanted to brand my work with a name that communicated that graphic design was more than just my job, it was my true love. As my career changed from being a graphic designer to teaching graphic design I knew I wanted to pass the same idea of Design Equals Love on to my students. And now I want to pass this vibe on to YOU!

When we Command Love in our careers... love filters into the rest of our lives. We create more freely. Ideas spark a little easier. We dance a bit more. We laugh a lot! We think glitter makes everything better (or maybe that's just me?!) We see beauty and happiness in everything! We're excited to start our day. We're excited to live our lives.

We work our damn booties off, but always remember to never take anything too seriously. We blend our passion for work with love of family, friends, travel, adventure, and peace.

Heyyy!!! My name is Melissa Laine Scotton. I'm an accomplished senior creative living in magical and crazy New York City. With over 14 years of experience in both print and digital, I've designed everything from snowboard graphics to corporate e-commerce websites. I've also taught graphic design and mentored designers of all skill levels. I just want to take a moment to welcome you to CLOVE! I'm beyond elated that you're here!