imagine the positivities!


One night I found myself lying in bed thinking about everything I had to do, everything that was worrying me, and everything that was stressing me out. Jobs, relationships, finances, health... I tried to organize it all in my head, prioritizing what I should deal with first the next day. It was then that I just had to tell myself, "Melissa! Go to sleep. Too much thinking, not enough dreaming!" Wait, what?! "Too much thinking, not enough dreaming!" I said out loud.

What a realization! I'm thinking way, too, much!

Every day as a graphic designer, I come up with unique and creative solutions for my clients and personal projects. I do research, I plan, I organize, I brainstorm, compose, design, kern, and produce. A lot of thinking goes into the creative process and of course, that's all worth it. But what I didn't realize is that I was applying that same extensive practice to everything in my life. I was over thinking it all. I wasn't allowing myself to dream about all the beautiful things that just naturally happen when we're not planning it all out.

So meet my new mantra, "Less thinking. More dreaming." This little phrase has already helped me immensely and I know it will help you too! Instead of sweating over the details of the what-ifs and oh-my-gods, we should keep dreaming about how amazing things really are and the potential of how positive the future is going to be. Yes, life is hard. Yes, we all have crap to deal with. But next time, instead of thinking, instead of worrying... stay hopeful, remain positive, and allow yourself to dream! 

// image by me //