music for 4pm on Friiiiiday, February 20

Another cold winter week passed by and I barely noticed! These Fridays really sneak up on ya don't they?! I'm beyond excited about the warmer and sunnier weather heading our way this weekend. I'll be venturing out into the city to explore some cute shops and interesting sites... what are your plans? 

As always here are the lovely songs that kept me entertained this week... enjoy! <3

To celebrate the fact Miniature Tigers will be in Philly next weekend I had a little listening fiesta... and this song was definitely one I played over and over. The video is pretty hilarious / slightly creepy and Charlie Brand's voice is just extra adorable. I also adore the lyrics and how they sweetly tell the story of a heartbroken guy finally finding the girl of his dreams. Favorite line: "I'm no longer on a quest to get girls undressed, I search through their hearts and no treasure I found, I'm so lucky this one lets dogs hang around."

This next one was a touch choice. There were SO many King Charles' songs I wanted to pick... it came down to Ivory Road, Bam Bam, annd Love Lust... but since I'm kind of in the lovey dovey mood... I went with... Ivory Road. With that said... make sure you check out his WHOLE album b/c there's not one song that disappoints. Favorite line: "You're the word in the dictionary, That I can't spell, Can't describe, can't put in a sentence, But use all the time."  Doesn't this song get you so excited to fall in love?! Or to see your lover and fall in love all over again!? So cute!

I absolutely love Melanie Safka's voice... it's like a dusty rose... kind of messy but super sweet. I chose this song because after a crazy work week... you might feel like your brain was picked like a chicken bone too! Favorite line: "I wish I could find a good book to live in, Wish I could find a good book."