music for 4pm on Friiiiiday, February 7

Okay... so my facebook "friends" don't really care... but when Friday comes I'm always blowing up everyone's feed with videos that I loved during the week. So I've decided... instead of that (or maybe just in addition to) I was going to make this a weekly feature on the DE♥Blahg. So without further ado... a few of the songs that had me dancin' at my desk this week! 

Lily, I missed you!! I'm so happy you're back! This song has everything I loved about your previous records... lots of pigtailed sunshiney girlieness mixed with a badass bubblewrapped flourescent bikini top! (symbolism people!) Favorite line: "I don't like dropping names but Kurt Cobain is all in my face. How the hell am I gonna tell him Elvis already took first base?"

Okay so doing the "online dating" thing has left me a little... ummm... we'll just say disappointed in the male species... so commiserating with my man Biz cheered me up quite a bit. Favorite line: "Cause I have friends and that's a fact Like Agnes, Agatha, Germaine, and Jacq."