Harsh Light

I can't even begin to describe how much I needed to hear this song today. I can't even begin to express the perfect timing of the moment these lyrics entered my ear drums. And while yesterday I was just saying to myself that I needed to post LESS videos on this blog... I couldn't help but share this one. 

It's beautiful to me to know that listening to a certain song, even if it's for the 1000th time, can instantly lift your mood, give you strength, re-empower you will to fight for another day. From Queen's "Under Pressure" getting me through grad school to Fun's "Carry On" getting me through heartbreak, I can instantly remember particular moments in my life and the songs that got me back on my feet. 

There are the songs that you listen to to psych you up for a night out, there are the songs that you listen to while dancing silly with your girlfrands, the songs you listen to when you're stressed at work so you can kick the butt of that crazy detailed website layout.

Music works magic for me. That's really the only way I can explain it. Magic. One could say it's because while you're listening to the song, you're realizing that whatever you're going through... someone else has been there. And they're screaming from the rooftop that they've made it to the other side. But for me, it also reminds me how lucky we are just to... be. Life is just so stinkin' beautiful... HOW LUCKY are we just to be here?! So cast your fears, anxiety, stress, and sadness aside and just be. Be and live and laugh and love... and of course take a moment to enjoy something as simple as a song by your favorite band.