a magical plant paradise

On a Friday, about a week ago, we got to leave work a bit early. I was partially tempted to drive east... as far as I could go... until I reached the ocean. But because it was a bit rainy and mostly cold, I decided to search for a magical land a little closer to home. It was then that I decided to take the half hour journey and head to Ott's Exotic Plants. I had never been there before, and I was somewhat hopeful that they would have some cute cactus babies for me to bring home. 

And oh my goodness—did they have cactus babies!...


I spent a couple hours walking around Otts... literally spending 87% of my time in that cactus area. I was so happy that they had exactly what I was dreaming of. I picked out three little guys and headed home. 

I'm definitely glad that I finally took the time to visit this magical plant land. It was a beautiful, slightly odd, and very very awesome! In the warmer months they have even more exciting things to check out (besides hundreds of pink cactus babes)... so I will definitely be back!