And the sky was made of amethyst...

Oh Courtney. I have loved you and your unbalanced persona for almost two decades now. I will always admire the beautiful way you juxtapose that demented grungey sound with a style that's also so innocently sweet and sparkly. A recent "Vanity Fair" article describes you as either a "Human train wreck or victimized genius" — and though I have to agree with both of those descriptions... I'll always lean towards the latter. There's something behind your music that screams "creative masterpiece"! Your songs are raw and magical, angry and beautiful. The styling of your videos is a visual treat full of sparkling glitter crumbling into madness. 

I'm obsessed with these video stills from Hole's "Violet" music video, released in 1994. The muted pastel palette mixed with the 1920's burlesque styling and romantic distressed textures are all gorgeously disturbing. One couldn't ask for better visuals for a break up song written for Billy Corgan.

Watch the whole video: here | images found: here