carry on

Part of me feels like this post is unnecessary. But for some reason... most of me feels like it's imperative. Kind of like a reintroduction of sorts... kind of like a "Heyyy, it's been a while, let's get a coffee and get to know each other again."

So this little part of the web, design equals love... what is it? What do I want it to be? Honestly, I go back and forth and then forward and sideways. Part of me wants to make it super streamlined... all about design and how much I love it and how much you can love it too. But then not just that... branch off from there... when days get crazy stressful... what we still love about design... what makes us happy that we get to spend all day playing around with our selection tool, colors, fonts, imagery. But then also, in thinking about those stressful days... what keeps us going? Is it passion projects we work on into the wee hours of the morning? Is it focusing on a certain positive aspect of our day job? Is it the weekend adventures or just relaxing that lets us enjoy the time spent at the computer during the week?

Part of me wants Design Equals Love to be a movement... reminding people why we all became designers in the first place. And after 10-20 years of working in the creative industry... helping people feel as excited about their jobs and passionate every day... taking the love back... or giving the love back. Something like that.

But then there's all the other stuff I love. Back when I started blogging, or somewhere in the middle... we'll say officially with snowflake/cupcake. Back when I was obsessed with snowboarding and baked goods. Back to the world of blogging before sponsored posts and styled photo shoots... back to the days when none of that mattered and we were all just posting about what we loved. For me that's sharing my thrift store finds... or my weekend adventures... it's posting cute images of 90's Drew Barrymore or reminiscing about a song I loved in middle school. 

So that's my dilemma. Maybe not so much a dilemma... but an insight into my inner dialog and part of the excuse as to why I haven't posted since February. That back and forth in my head... that I wanna do this... but also this. That feeling of having to come to an organized decision of what design equals love should and should not be. That feeling that when I write... it's just like a brain dump of too many words that are flying around my head.

But maybe that’s all okay.

Any maybe I just need to get it out there to figure out what it is.

Because obviously 3 years of trying to figure it out hasn't gotten me very far... so maybe I should probably try a new method of attack.

So with that said, WELCOME. Welcome to design equals love version September 2016. Welcome to inside my head, my life, and my heart. I'm busting at the seams to start sharing stuff with you guys again!

Okay, ready? Let's carry on!