girl, keep fighting!


During my lunch break today I ran to the post office to send off a little Sweetest Love order. As I was walking to my car I was stopped by a guy who asked me, "Are you an artist?" I responded "Yes, I'm a designer!" I guess due to my crazy [but perfectly] mismatched clothing choices, messy bun, and cay eye glasses... I was giving off the "cool lady" vibe. I'll definitely take that one as a compliment! He went on to tell me that his daughter was also an artist, who like me, has a love for combining polka dots, the color pink, and animal prints.

He then went on to tell me that she's really interested in fashion annnd photography and that she may be heading to art school in the fall. Maybe Moore, maybe MiCA... but maybe she'll take a year off to figure stuff out. I also found out that she was adopted, has ADHD, and photographs local bands in her spare time. She also makes her own clothes, visits the city a lot... oh and we can't forget her amazing sense of style. 

Talking to this guy about his daughter made me so excited for whomever this girl is! She's obviously faced some struggles in her life, but also has an amazing amount of creativity buzzing through her... and she's only in high school! He did share his worries about the whole "starving artist" thing... but I tried to assure him that it is possible to be an artist and make a decent living... especially with fashion and photography. 

I'm writing this post because I know I'll never meet this girl... and I'll most likely never know what her future held... but I wanted to put my excitement for her out into the universe in hopes that she and all the other young creative women like her, have the confidence and strength to follow their creative dreams! 

From speaking with her father it seems like this young lady is already doing everything right. She's getting her hands on whatever she can to express her artistic side. I loved hearing that she was already getting in touch with local bands and shooting their shows. I love that. I love that because she's not waiting for someone to give her the go ahead... she's out there now, doing what she wants. She's already making connections, creating a professional portfolio, and getting her name out there. I can't even imagine how much she's learning. I'm sure some of the photos aren't coming out so great... but who cares?! To have that raw talent and pure drive... there's nothing more inspiring than that! To get that real world experience... to even have the guts to get out there and do it... is so awesome!

So to this young, amazing, passionate, starry eyed little creative caterpillar... GIRL, KEEP FIGHTING! Stay strong and keep searching for the experiences that will fuel your little artist heart. Opportunities are everywhere. Meet as many people as you can, photograph as many people as you can, you never know who or what will lead to your next amazing adventure.

Don't let anyone scare you away from following your dreams. I'm not gonna lie, it's an intimidating world out there... but you are strong... and your passion and love for what you do will kick intimidation in its skinny little butt! In today's world there are so many things a creative person with drive like yours can accomplish... I've lived it, I see it... just go for it!

Keep expressing yourself through your crazy outfit choices. Keep going to shows and hanging out with the local bands you love. Keep drawing, keep sewing, keep writing. Go to school right away... or don't... just keep creating... whatever form it evolves into... just keep creating.

The world is a more beautiful place because you followed your dreams today... promise me you won't stop tomorrow!

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