girls + skateboards

The foundation of my design career is based in the action sports industry. When I was 19 I discovered snowboarding and it quickly became my biggest passion. It was around that time (circa 2000) that I also picked up a longboard skateboard to cruise around campus while attending the University of Delaware. It became my ultimate mission as a graphic designer to help other women find strength, freedom, and TRUE [self] LOVE through snowboarding and skateboarding. If I could inspire one little lady to pick up a board and ride it, I'd be happy.

No matter what, it will always be a big part of me. So even now, in my old[er] age, I still have an immense LOVE for all things board sports. A while back I was researching some girly skateboard themed photoshoots for an upcoming project and started compiling a collection of rad little ladies on my pinterest page. There's just something about the images that make me happy. Maybe it's something about female empowerment? Or maybe it's that juxtaposition of expected femininity and edgy toughness. Maybe it's just because they look cool?! 

Even after the project ended I still found myself scouring the interwebs for girl + skateboard photos. I was getting pretty proud of my horde... until I stumbled across the gold mine. X-Skatergirls, run by Parisian graphic designer, Lila Novska, is a collection of photographs from all over the web world. Every board style, every decade, every hairstyle, every shoe style, high fashion, low fashion and everything in between. I just LOVE it. So happy to find such a sweet archive of board loving ladies!

So if you're anything like me... and want to feel happy/empowered/inspired to throw on your vans and cruise down Belmar's boardwalk... definitely check out X-Skatergirls. There's also a facebook page you can like to stay updated on the freshly added flicks.

image sources: x-skatergirls & unknown