give me summer! (please!)

I have always been a lover of all seasons. I appreciated every spring for its soft warm days and pretty pastel flowers. I loved every summer for its sunshine and seashells. I adored the autumn for the smell of fallen leaves and pumpkin pies. And of course I was obsessed with winter for its snowfalls and snowboarding. Working in the snowboard industry in my twenties I always thought of myself as a winter girl… someone with snowflakes in her blood. However, now in my thirties… I’m finding myself like the rest of you… wondering why winter just isn’t over yet?!

Today I crawled out of my bed, felt the frostiness outside, and whined “Whyyyy isn’t it summer?!” As I said that I caught myself and said—“Woah Melissa, who ARE you?!” But seriously… I’m jumping on that warmer temperature band wagon. Time for dresses with no leggings, iced coffee, bike riding, bbqs, freckles, flower picking, and please please please definitely more of this: