delicious and nutritious

There is some serious yum going on in the Mt. Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia. Okay, so I know a lot of you don't venture that far north... or west, but I'm telling you now that you should! Lucky for me... if I take a slightly different route home from work... I pass this place right before they close at 6. I'm talking about The Juice Room at 7127 Germantown Ave. 

The Juice Room is a super cute, super mellow, and eclectically decorated sweet spot that offers made to order juices and smoothies. Everything is created with fresh raw veggies and real fruit. I usually go for the Mocha Java (shown above) for a bit of an after work boost, but they also have the oh so cleansing green juices and smoothies as well as other goodness that includes ingredients such as beets, carrots, ginger, acai,  and mango... ooh and coconut milk. They have natural sweetener options like palm sugar and all the milk options you dream about, from 2% to almond to coconut!

The other thing I discovered at The Juice Room are Home Stone Bakery's Banana Crunch Muffins. Let me just tell you... these things are banana-rama heaven! The adorable little muffins are all natural, vegan, and packed full of healthy stuff (even though they taste like a dessert). The other sweet thing, they're made in Philadelphia too! I think they may be extra delicious because they are made with coconut oil... and that, mixed with bananas... mmm! Like I said, heaven!

So if you're in the area... or even if you're not, check out The Juice Room and order up some healthy and delicious liquidy goodness! And if you have some extra time, take a stroll down West Mt. Pleasant Ave. Someone must have walked down the hill sprinkling sunflower seeds because they are everywhere!!