a 90s heart

I wonder if when bell bottoms started to come back... around, what year was it, 1996?... if my mom felt the same sort of excitement and sentimentality as I did when I started seeing 90s inspired fashion hit the racks again? I think it started a few years ago when flannel shirts and long flannel button up dresses started poppin' up everywhere. Ah, grunge. <3 I remember sneaking into my dad's closet and borrowing his soft and comfy—and way too big—rad plaid shirts, before heading off to middle school. Oh man, middle school. I feel pretty lucky to say that I have such sweet memories of those days... the silliness, the music, the "I'm 13 and have nothing in the world to worry about." I wonder if it's something about the latter that makes me ecstatic to be able to adorn myself with everything 90s once again. From the flowing floral dresses with ties in the back, to silver combat boots, to knee highs, and sunflower print everything... I keep wondering if it's that taste of freedom from the more innocent and carefree days of my life that makes me love oh so much more... or if perhaps... it's that the clothes are just so stinkin' awesome?!

Yes, I know you can find tons of cool 90s inspired fashion at your closest Urban... yes they even have these... eek! But lucky for us... since the trend is still on the upswing... you can still find a ton of it at your local thrift shop... especially the super awesome, look like Drew Barrymore from Mad Love (my favorite movie ever)... floral and butterfly print dresses.

When I was back in Delaware last week, I stopped for a sec to check out Stanton Thrift. I usually leave with just a sweet knick knack or two... but this time I ended up spending most of the afternoon there, scouring the clothing racks and trying on like 30 dresses. I narrowed it down to 5 and checked out... but then went back to get 5 more when I realized green tags were 50% off. It was like the jackpot of glamorous granny grunge. I couldn't wait to get them all home to pair them with a sweet flannel or layer them over a white baby doll tee. So good!

So yes, I know I'm no fashion blogger... but I do love thrifting... and dresses... and one of a kind finds. So I just wanted to share with you, before you go spending the $118 on a 90s inspired floral dress at the mall... check out your thrift shops for the reeeeal thing!