music for 1:00 pm on Wednesday, June 18th.

Okay, so that "little" break happened. But because I'm realizing I neeeeed to write or I'll just waste time in less productive ways... I'm coming back with some Wednesday tunes for you. I actually have about 10 half written posts that were sparked by random events in my life... but before releasing them upon the world, I'll probably filter through them first. Insert "eeeek face" emoticon here.

So this week's theme is all about rockin' the girl power and being that super + strong + independent + kick ass grrrrrrl. No, I'm not getting all feminist on you, guys are cool too... well [most] guys anyway... but sometimes we just have to step back and realize how amazing, beautiful, talented, and fun we are... on our own.

So go grab your 90's daisy [or sunflower] print baby doll dress... put some flowers in yo' hair and dance around to some of my favorite girl rockers...