music for 4pm on Friiiiiday, March 7

Okay, woah... these weeks are just FLYING by. It's March 7th already?! Crazy! So this week was a super busy one... so I only have one song for you to dance to today... but don't worry it's a good one!

I've also been coming up with more weekly post ideas... so stay tuned to see at least one of those pop up next week! 

Have the best weekend y'all! Stay outta trouble!! 

Can't get any better than Weezer on a cloudy Friday afternoon! Dancing around to this song makes this girly girl feel all super tough! Like I'm gonna go knock over your recycling bin... or something else tough kids like to do! So watch out! ...Yo! (Yeah, tough kids say Yo!) Favorite line: "I'm such a mystery, as anyone can see. There isn't anybody else, exactly quite like me. And when it's party time, like 1999, I'll party by myself because I'm such a special guy!"