some sweet reads

This past week it finally warmed up above 50 degrees... and the pretty blue skies and lovely little birds singing reassured me that spring is here... and summer is just around the corner. And thank goodness because my soul was craving that shift in seasons.

After a tricky winter of feeling uninspired with small doses of self doubt, I'm feeling the glittery sunshine back in my heart and I'm ready to kick spring's little bootie!

Here are some fun/inspiring/interesting reads to add a little sparkle to your Monday:

Beatrix Ost, one of my newest favorite ladies. I'm am in awe of her. I HAVE to dedicate a whole post to her soon, but for right now read her thoughts on the "Spring Awakening". "Spring possesses the dreams."

Discovered this article while reading through Gala's most recent links post: "Medicating Women's Feelings" This is super important to me. We are emotional creatures and we should be allowed to feel, to express, and to apply our emotions whenever and however we'd like. "We need to stop labeling our sadness and anxiety as uncomfortable symptoms, and to appreciate them as a healthy, adaptive part of our biology." Thank you!!

A beautiful interview with one of my favorite designing ladies, Andrea Pippins. Miss Andrea is the sweetest, most genuine, and of course one of the most talented women I know. This interview that touches on her current creative journey inspired and rejuvenated me. Love how she talks about "social media as a way to inspire and encourage each other."

The theme for April 2015, "expect the unexpected" Thank you Mystic Mama! I say, BRING IT ON!

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