Something to say...

So I don't claim to be an expert in anything. Even at the grand old age of 35, the only thing that I feel comfortable saying I've mastered is getting dressed in the morning. 

I do however, know I have something to say and some advice to give when it comes to being a graphic designer, a visual designer... you know... a professional creative. Since graduating thirteen years ago I've definitely had some interesting career experiences. From being an in-house graphic designer to becoming a freelance designer... from landing my ultimate dream job to struggling through grad school... from full time teaching… and now to full time visual designing AND part time teaching—I feel pretty confident in the philosophy I've developed, and it is from that philosophy that all of my advice stems. 

I've had amazing success and yes I have failed... I've completely messed up, but also worked hard for redemption. Some days I feel like THE BOMB... and other days... the bomb exploded. But ultimately, no matter what, I feel truly and amazingly blessed that I get to do what I do for a living. 

No matter where I am or what kind of day I'm having... it always comes back to DESIGN EQUALS LOVE. It's as simple as that. 

I design for the love of it. Do you?

Okay! Then let’s get together! Let's celebrate this lush world of visual communication. Let’s be advocates for the unexpected and refuse predictability. Let's campaign for imagination and delete the literal. Let’s take command of our jobs, our careers, our creativity… and fall madly in love with our lives. Let’s COMMAND LOVE.

If you COMMAND LOVE, you'll never give up pushing your work or yourself. You will never settle. You are a designer who sweats the details... but 1/3 of the sweat is because you're dancing at your desk at the same time. You wake up in the morning excited to go to WORK... and stay up late dreaming up personal projects. You have interests and passions outside of the world of design. You allow yourself to dream in the sunshine, adventure, and explore. You take design seriously... but also think that playing around with colors, imagery and type all day—while telling stories, communicating ideas and solving problems—is the most FUN thing in the world. You love design, you love being a designer, and you love the life you are creating for yourself.

This blog, this site, this space, will soon become what I've wanted it to be for so long: I want to build a community of designers that love designing as much as I do. I want to unite creatives that are in design for the love of it… creatives that want to build each other up… who want to support and inspire each other. No matter where you are in your career, I want you to find your voice and to find your people and to live happily ever after... creating. 

Command love.