starting here... or 10 years ago

In June of 2004 I graduated with an BFA in Visual Communications from the most magical school in the world: the University of Delaware. I was a snowboard obsessed, tom-boy girly girl. I played with paint pens, stencil lettering, and watercolors. I loved the font "Cooper Black" and did 99% of my designing in Photoshop. A few weeks after graduation I started my first blog and created my first design alias... 

Twentyfree. What the heck is Twentyfree? Well my 22 year old self explains that here...

So 10 years have past since that little blog entry... and much much much has happened... but really little has changed. Now, 33 years old, my life is still perfect and I'm still right on track. When I was 23 and thought of the age 33, I thought I'd be married, with a kid, a house and a dog... but boy... WHAT was I thinking?! While I trust that will all still come... (maybe by the time I'm 43—sorry mom!) Right now I'm just here having a blast... loving the life I've created for myself. No worries! And the most exciting part of this whole story... is that I feel like the most amazing things... are still to come! I still have so much I want to do... so many more things I want to create.

I'm posting this note... mostly to myself... to remind me of what I've accomplished, but also what I've yet to accomplish. I'm posting this note to show the world that you can do anything you want, no matter how old or young you are. This is today... today and forward... today and onward! You are the creator of your own life and any dream you have, no matter how small, can come true... if you work your ass off of course!

So now, here we are... here I am... still somewhat of a tomboy girly girl... maybe now leaning a little more towards girly. But, hey! I can still shred around on my longboard... and winter is right around the corner so we'll see what happens when I strap that snowboard to my feet! I have moved past my love of Cooper Black to a tie between Archer and Gotham... but I'm still obsessed with water colors and hand lettering. I now equally love all members of my Adobe Creative Suite... with maybe an extra hug or two for InDesign. But above everything else, one thing has definitely remained the same, I am still just as madly in love with graphic design as I was 10 years ago. 

It's been a crazy, awesome, rad road so far... let's see what else is in store!!

For more of my 23 year old rantings, you can check out my very first blog, here.