your future is in the music

Every time I visit my grandmother she makes sure to give me the most recent issue of Oprah Magazine. She always reads through it first, but then passes it along to me or my mom. I'm not sure who gifted her the subscription, but I just really love the fact that my grandmother reads Oprah Magazine. I'm also so glad that she helped me realize its awesomeness. If you've never picked up a copy... you should! Every issue is inspiring and full of beautiful, living life to the fullest advice!

In one particular issue, as I was reading through the contributor's bios, I came across a little blurb about individual quirks. Each writer was sharing their daily rituals that some people might find a bit... "unique". One of them wrote about how every morning she makes a point to turn on the radio and take note of the first song that comes on. She takes that song as her horoscope for the day. If it's a positive and uplifting song, she's assured that she'll have a good day. If it's a sad or angry song, she'll watch out for things that may cause emotional distress.

As someone that is always dissecting song lyrics and looking for the symbolism behind everything, I fell in love with this idea! So now, every morning I really pay attention to what song pops on the radio as I start my morning commute. I've been doing this for a couple weeks now and I always find it super interesting.

My favorite music horoscope happened when Coldplay's "Yellow" came on one morning. At the time, I was having a somewhat stressful week... feeling a bit down and slightly insecure about some project ideas I was working on. However that morning, when I heard "Look at the stars, Look how they shine for you, And everything you do" — I magically started to feel better. Hearing such a beautiful song first thing in the morning was one thing... but then internalizing and deciphering how I could apply those lyrics to what I was going through really helped. It reminded me that this world is full of opportunity and I should keep striving towards my hopes and dreams no matter what! Gotta keep those stars shining!!

So with that said, I completely encourage you to listen to your music horoscope tomorrow morning! Be mindful of the lyrics and think about what they could mean. It can really give you insight into what life is throwing at you that day and inspire you to take action and feel better!

marilyn monroe image source unknown